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if you are looking for selfie quotes than you are at the right place for it.
here are few best selfie captions for your selfies and pictures be free to use them.
here are:
  • Selfie quotes for facebook
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  • Good selfie quotes
So let's start with 
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Good Selfie quotes

1. I do not always take selfies as one selfie only define my nature or mood
2. Selfies do not reflect the real nature of a person
3. Selfie is the symbol of the fakeness of this world as filters can not show a real man
4. Regard your good name, not a selfie
5. Life is small take a boo of it.
6. Do not try to filter your selfie, show the world your reality
7. We can not control the evil tongue of people about us 
8. I can not work on making my selfie better as I am unique from god
9. The great selfie does not reflect you as the Great character do.
10. Do not try to put in danger the precious gift of god - life for a f*uk selfie.
11. All good things are cheap; all bad are very dear.
12. Youth is a time for enjoyment.
13. Selfies capture the great moments of my life.
14. To show myself I need a selfie time to time
15. Sending my selfie to NASA, as I am a star.

Selfie captions

1 Take more steps than selfies
2 Hey, I just met you and took a selfie.
3 At least this balloon is attracted to me!
4 I must destroy you with hugs and kisses 
5 Stop looking for happiness in the same selfies you just lost it.
6 I woke up like this and take up a selfie
7 Selfie with best and eating chocolate tasty
8 I decide the vibe.
9 WhenI sees my old selfies, I think If we could only turn back time…
10 Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.
11 No one is you. That’s your power!
12 Got my coffee and selfie at a great time.
13 Escape the ordinary.
14 Sweeter than honey, I am your Bunny

15 Proof that I can do selfies better than you

Selfie Caption lyrics

1. love me or hate me but take a selfie with me.
2. Everybody has a chapter but they do not read it aloud.
3. Call it a curse or blessing that I come in your life 
4. Feel free to take a selfie as it saves our moment together.
5. Selfies of old friends together, Remembering old memories 
6. Glamour is not in my selfie, it is in my nature
7. Selfie I took now it time to hook.
8. Capture a moment in a selfie to last long like a superstar.
9. You are a heaven of selfies 
10. Can you best up my selfie in a battle?
11. Time to show people our selfies craze, it is time for a selfie battle

If you like the captions comment below your favourite captions and lets us know how you define a selfie in your words and what selfie means to in your life. How important it seems and everything else.
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Quote You Make Me Happy Skies Are Grey Pal
if you are trying to search some cool and sassy captions for your Instagram selfie and photos you are at the right place for searching the cool and sassy captions.

Here are few Best cool captions for you selfies and profiles so let's start for you with:

cool captions

1. Feeling free to look like a Bird in the sky.
2. attitude is my birthright you can not take it away from me.
3. Queen of hearts looking for the king of hearts
4. You love me tap twice on your screen.
5. Love is better than selfie Ohh really!!!
6. Reached top like a cloud in the sky.
7. Give me respect as I deserve it from you.
8. Downtown knowns me with my dress up and style.
9. People follow me for looking a breakup of my attitude.

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10. Looking at something different and crazy for myself.

Attitude captions

Home Decor Design Interior Quote Decoratio
11. Taking advantage of my loving life with my besties.
12. Feel free to judge me by my Thoughts.
13. I am not someone who criticises a beggar.
14. If you follow me, I will follow you.
15. Following my own principles to lead all the rest world.
16. Everyone is behind me to look in my footsteps.
17. God has created me unique as a princess of heaven.
18. I will die without your madness.
19. Looking like an angel in my own world.
20. My excuse is that I am young.

Caption for profile pictures

Inspiration Quote Inspirational Quotes Ins
21. Never plan something for Saturday as It life to enjoy the day.
22. Plan for tomorrows works but party tonight.
23. Clear in my thought, but vogue in my actions.
24. On my top level attitude,
25. You are the best I ever find.
26. Life looks awkward without you
27. Party Hard, Wake Up late is my style.
28. Cool from the heart, Furious from the style.
29. Down to earth with my attitude
30. Royal blood is flowing in my veins.
31. Starting from today for the party tomorrow.
32. Greatness in my blood, Coolness in my body.
33. A great angry young man with a pure heart.
34. Life without you is like tea without milk.
35. I am rural from style, Gentleman from words.
36. You are my from now and will be mine forever.
37. You know I help you without some reason as friendship comes from heart, not style.
38. Do not become great as greatness is not overtaken or learned it is inborn in a man.
39. Time with you started like spring and ended like Autumn
40. Free from the world and tied in your trust.

Captions for facebook

Inspiration Quote Inspirational Quotes Ins
41. Greatness rumours me from me  
42. I am lost in your world like a fish in a pond.
42. I will do whatever I meant as you can never solve me out.
43. I am like a coconut hard from outside soft from inside.
44. Let us not hear the words of this f*cky world.
45. Soft from the heart, hard from words.
46. Furious about the new furious.
47. I am not in your mood as the mood is always different.
48. I know you from your lies.
49. OMG! you can do anything for coming near to me.
50. I am the prince and you are my princess.
51. Up to date attitude of the royal man.

If you like the captions comment below and if you dislike then also comment below and tell us to remove or edit the bad captions.

Thank you.

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