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So let's start with 
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Good Selfie quotes

1. I do not always take selfies as one selfie only define my nature or mood
2. Selfies do not reflect the real nature of a person
3. Selfie is the symbol of the fakeness of this world as filters can not show a real man
4. Regard your good name, not a selfie
5. Life is small take a boo of it.
6. Do not try to filter your selfie, show the world your reality
7. We can not control the evil tongue of people about us 
8. I can not work on making my selfie better as I am unique from god
9. The great selfie does not reflect you as the Great character do.
10. Do not try to put in danger the precious gift of god - life for a f*uk selfie.
11. All good things are cheap; all bad are very dear.
12. Youth is a time for enjoyment.
13. Selfies capture the great moments of my life.
14. To show myself I need a selfie time to time
15. Sending my selfie to NASA, as I am a star.

Selfie captions

1 Take more steps than selfies
2 Hey, I just met you and took a selfie.
3 At least this balloon is attracted to me!
4 I must destroy you with hugs and kisses 
5 Stop looking for happiness in the same selfies you just lost it.
6 I woke up like this and take up a selfie
7 Selfie with best and eating chocolate tasty
8 I decide the vibe.
9 WhenI sees my old selfies, I think If we could only turn back time…
10 Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.
11 No one is you. That’s your power!
12 Got my coffee and selfie at a great time.
13 Escape the ordinary.
14 Sweeter than honey, I am your Bunny

15 Proof that I can do selfies better than you

Selfie Caption lyrics

1. love me or hate me but take a selfie with me.
2. Everybody has a chapter but they do not read it aloud.
3. Call it a curse or blessing that I come in your life 
4. Feel free to take a selfie as it saves our moment together.
5. Selfies of old friends together, Remembering old memories 
6. Glamour is not in my selfie, it is in my nature
7. Selfie I took now it time to hook.
8. Capture a moment in a selfie to last long like a superstar.
9. You are a heaven of selfies 
10. Can you best up my selfie in a battle?
11. Time to show people our selfies craze, it is time for a selfie battle

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