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101 + Lit  Captions For Instagram, Twitter and Facebook[lit to Fit]


If you are looking for some interesting lit captions for Instagram, Twitter, GooglePlus and Facebook you are at a perfect place.

Here I am going to share some interesting Like:
  • Lit Captions for Boys
  • Lit Captions for Girls
  • Lit Captions for selfies
So let us start with interesting:
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Lit Captions for Boys

1. You are a gold baby, solid gold
2. Put me on ya wishlist
3. Do not matter I live at, You know where my heart at
4.  Got me a good girl and she is so bad
5. The whole hood going insane
6. She gets her way
7. Paradise found
8. You a bad bitch, that we can link
9. What is a snack to an entree
10. The queen of talking shirt and back in it up
11. Take the risk or lose the chance 
12. A wanderer
13. Bitches got beef, ask for chicken instead
14. Bad to the bone
15. When the sun goes down, I glow up
16. Cloudy
17. Micheal said I am looking like a full kors meal
18. ......cause I am icy
19. Call me cherry because I always end up on top
20. Just another Interlude song
21. No bad vibes
22. I keep it 100, I have Ben Frank
23. Like a light
24. Always hot like a sun
25. Over the horizon

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Lit Captions for Girls

1. It is really that is on my mind
2. If I told you that you rock my world
3. Do not you love when I come around?
4. Do not play with her, Do not be dishonest
5. Feeling you provide
6. Pleasure over matter
7. Please do not think I am insecure
8. I might change my life for you
9. this shit my life for you
10. If you had my love and I gave you all my trust, would you come for me?
11. If you want it, You can have it
12. I hope you are hurting 
13. he is got eyes on me.
14 I will admit if you just keep Quit.
15. are you thinking about it?
16. No tears left to cry 
17. Nobody does it better
18. hello heart eyes for you but I am kept wearing these shades
19. Miss in out on my days
20. Who's going in from bad to worse

Lit Captions for Selfies

1. Stay Gold
2. Things take time
3. Prove them, wrong Babes,
4. Awesome Selfie, I ever got
5. You should be in love with Someone
6. Happiness looks gorgeous on you
7. The only way you will is if I quit
8. Your loss babe
9. You are one in a sec
10. We all get lost sometimes, ya knows
11. God has a plan. trust it, Live it, Enjoy It.
12. The kind you have no feeling, Kind you are heartless
13. Just another lost angel.
14. No one is you and you are power
15. I believe in myself and my god
16. Salt in the air, sand in my hair
17. Cruisin
18. Here is to Chicago where the pizzas 
19. Up here, there a little more altitude, and a little less attitude
20. Little do you know all my mistakes are slowly drawing me

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