Top 101 Best Funny Captions

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Top 101 Best Funny Captions.

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Today I am here to share with you some funny captions for Instagram and Facebook. hope you will like the captions here are few like:
  • Funny Instagram captions for friends
  • Captions for facebook
  • Attitude Captions 
  • Captions for girls 
  • Most funny captions
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Funny Instagram captions for friends

1. If you dare, I fear.if you slap, I wrap. if you kick, I put you in work.
2. Please love me as your friend, not Father.
3. I am your father in sleep and reality.
4. You are a friend which will follow me to hell.
5. Come lets frank someone around us.
6. Reason for my happiness that my friend is a mule in form of human.
7. Kick me like your ball dick me like your friend.
8. Go wild for a wild.
9. Your Attitude is not higher than my height.
10. 5'2 inches height 10'inches attitude.

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11. I want a life full of sleep.
12. people are not straight but my hairs are straight.
13. I want to help you with my empty purse.
14. Lost in the world of lol.
15. I always confuse when people say you are grown up Really!!!
16. I am lost where you facts exist.
17. you will kill mine with your bad jokes.
18. I want to help you can I.
19. you are only tossing in my mind when I think of a donkey.
20. you are the best buddy with horns.

Most funny captions

21. You are like my puppy who always follow me.
22. Up to date like a gentleman who is wearing a fool hats
23. A kangaroo know how to jump well like you
24. Never leave me alone as I will die without listening to your nonsense talk
25. Please do not laugh like a donkey
26. Clear and wear like spirit and I will not fight
27. Let's go and eat as I am hunger from a decade
28 He said you are smart I replied yes because you are a fool 
29 Help me by shutting up your mouth
30 You are the billionaire under my foot.

Attitude Captions 

31 My style is my attitude and I have a copyright on it.
32 You can take my behaviour as an attitude but it is my nature
33 Boldness is my blood
34 Bold from the heart, Cool from the face.
35 I always keep a smile on my face, because I have a positive attitude
36 I am young, this is my excuse
37 I will try to fit in it I was born of Stand Up.
38 My life will go on with or without you
39 insta is my battleground to defeat others
40 you can never defeat me and winness is in my blood
41 Do not try to force me because I am not your puppy who will sit quietly
41 I like my coffee how I like myself.
42 to glam is to give a dam

I hope that you like the funny captions for Instagram and facebook you can use them in your selfies or pictures.
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